Wonderclips - 40pcs per pack

Wonderclips - 40pcs per pack

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Wonder clips provide a better alternative to pins, especially when applying bindings to your quilt
•Wide opening clip holds several layers of fabric
•Flat base allows easy sliding to the presser foot
•No sharp points like pins
•Hole in the base to enable use as a hanger
•Ergonomically designed for comfort

The wonder clips come in red, green. blue and yellow

Since their introduction primarily for seam binding on quilts, they have been adopted by crafters, beaders, scrapbookers, card makers and every craft where a third hand is needed to hold something down, together or in place. They make a great gift for any crafter or home sewer.

Wonder Clips are perhaps the most versatile and useful sewing tool ever devised. For years sewers have used binder clips, hair pins or even clothespins for any number of sewing applications where an alternative to pins is desired. The Wonder Clip was developed specifically for the needs of today’s sewers, quilters, crafters, and beaders.