Eppiflex Orange Peel

Eppiflex Orange Peel

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Orange peel are one of the "Starch Now, Sew Later" templates.
Rather than sewing them with a whip stitch, you can press the hems over to the back of the template, let them cool and then remove the template and applique them in place on a background fabric.

Available from 1 1/2" to 4 1/2", each pack contains 50 templates  

Eppiflex templates are 

  • laser cut for precision - for more accurate piecing.
  • cut with a patented design which enables them to bend when you need them to.
  • strong and durable - reuse again and again
  • Transparent for fussy cutting and precise positioning.
  • heat resistant, so the applique shapes are perfect to "starch now, sew later." 
  • hard at their edges - no more sewn in card. Templates remove easily without stressing the seams.
  • whip stitch or ladder stitch friendly!